kamal kashyap

Web developer

The name is kamal (which is short for kamal kumar or kamal kashyap, depending on where you know me from). I am a 17-year-old North Indian with a tech sort of background and a lot to say about the trends and direction of the scientific world.

I'm very dedicated to learn new things and to truly belive that you should never stop learning. I enjoy creating different things, whether that be websites, application or anything in between.

In my first freelancing work as a web developer I feel like I've been very lucky to experience a broad and diverce part of projects and tasks. I get to deal with everything from user feedback, design and to backend tests and improving parts of our daily operations.

Feel free to reach out if you have anything to talk about, you can mail me on  iamkamalkumar@proton.me  or contact me on  twitter. You can watch my projects and open source contributions  here.