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New website!



I mentioned it in a post on my old website that after I started building my new website a thought concurred that I should've built it with Next.js. I ended up using a simple create-react-app, which was great, kind of..

It worked well and I though it looked good. However it was not good enough and had some flaws, the blog list was not optimized enough and I made some minor error while doing it, so the dynamicly generated URLs for every post was not behaving correctly.

I also had to run a command every time I updated a blog post, which was not a really big problem. But I had some issues with displaying photos in my posts so it got repetitive and annyoing to run the npm command every time I made a update to single post.

I knew that it would be easier to handle routes in Next.js among other things, such as SEO. I really want to dive more into SEO in the near future and server-side rendered websites.

Some of you know how it goes, you just start to tinker with some project ans before you know you have gone into some warm-hole and it is hard to go back 😁

That is what sort of happened and before I knew I had a fine starting point to make a Next.js website.

Why Next.js ?

Next.js allows us to build hybrid application that contain both server-rendered and statically generated pages.

Statically generated pages are still reactive: Next.js wil hydrate your application client-side to give it full interactivity.

This hybrid style application does sound super interesting to me. It is one of the reason why I decided to go for Next.js.

I'll write a detailed post about my Next.js experience soon, so make sure to check back regularly.

What's Next?

Hopefully this will be the last big, timeconsuming upgrade for a while. I will defenitaly do minor updates and write blog posts about them.

So that is what I'm aiming to spend some of my time doinf for now. Gradually build towards a good and informative list of blog posts.

In these posts I will discuss everything, nothing and the things between. Things that I'm working on or just curous about.